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Playground Sunset

Sunday shot – Playground Sunset

These days, I always find myself time during the sunsets for photography. Which is good of course as it’s probably the best time for photography. The light is beautiful and it magnificently lits the scene.



Been sick for the past 4 days, today is the first day I can actually walk out of the house myself, without falling over or feeling drained after the first 2 steps. Glad to be recovering and looking outside my house this morning it was absolutely pouring with rain, even hailing. Darn! Can’t go anywhere far. After the rain and hail, the clouds cleared and gave me this view during sunset. Nice!

So I’m up on my feet now, alive and ready for many adventures. Missed my camera for the last few days. Didn’t even get to take it out of the bag – that’s how ill I was.

Hope to hear from you.

Henley Beach Jetty

Sunset at Henley Beach, Adelaide, South Australia

Trees - B&W

B&W of a park near by