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Another great dining restaurant to be in. This time it’s at the Riverside Restaurant, inside Intercontinental Hotel. Food was fantastic – entrees, mains and desserts were delicious! We had to pull ourselves away from the banquet.

Sorry I can’t remember the names for these dishes. It has been a while since I’ve had them. But do go and try them 🙂

Caramel Cup and Ice-creamSettings unknown | iPhone 3GS



It was Christina’s birthday and a great friend reminded me of a restaurant to bring her to. One that she recommended and would certainly go back again. “Oooh yeah … !” I thought to myself. I rang the number of the restaurant straight after I have spoken to my friend and made a booking for 2 🙂 Yes … romantic dinner, fine dining, wine and great food (as I’ve been told). I knew she’ll enjoy it, or shall I say we’ll enjoy it. What a fantastic idea! Glad she rang me to remind me.

As I walked into the restaurant, a warm, beautiful, peaceful mood blanketed over us. Wow! This place sure looks nice. Plenty of space between tables – so we have privacy. Our waitress was very kind and took us to our seats, prepare our glass of water and gave us a warm smile. We took in the surroundings and relaxe.d. It was fantastic so far!

After looking through our menu, we decided what we wanted. Our lovely waitress saw us ready to place our order and came soon after.


What I ordered.


EscobarDinner (13 of 25)

Dinner at Escobar one night and had these delicious meat balls for second entree. It was really tasty and wouldn’t mind going back to taste the other dishes they have. Read about my night at Escobar here.

EscobarDinner (11 of 25)What a fantastic dinner I had at Escobar on Thursday night. Celebrated a graduation ceremony with a group of friends at this place was unforgetable as I was served with the most delicious food I have tasted in a long while. The head chef came out to meet a few of us to see how we were doing and having a chat with us as a friend of mine knew him. He was a great person to talk to and he told us that we would be served a complementary entree as soon as the last few people have arrived.

At this time I’m thinking, “My goodness!! Where are the last 2 that are supposed to arrive 20mins ago? Hurry up, I’m starving here! 🙂” When they arrived and sat down, the waiter took our choices of main and our dessert. Then hurried off to bring out our first course.

EscobarDinner (9 of 25)

Wow! It was grand. Warm sliced bread with pork shreads and sliced apple (I think) Yummm!! If the entree was this good already I can’t wait for the main course. (more…)