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October 10th, A most auspicious day

A Most Auspicious Day … according to some

This sounds like fun to do! Basically, take a photo on October 10th, 2010 and whenever you’re ready, upload your photo(s) to the Flickr group TenTenTen. The pool will open from 10th – 20th Oct, so ten days to upload your photo(s). Then from Oct 11th onwards will randonly choose a photo from the group to display on their site. Sounds cool!

I think I might join in … 🙂


… exciting things have happened lately in the past few weeks/months. Just thinking back to them now, it feels like time flew by leaving only memories and pictures as proof that I was along with the ride. But I couldn’t ask for a better past few weeks / months. They were AWESOME! Travelling, wedding, travelling, family photoshoot and fashion photoshoot. And later on, more travelling! Though only interstates but it’s different to where I am. Rediscover a place I’ve been before and going to new places bring alot of excitement and a breath of freshness to my world of boredom at work. Yes, with work being the same everyday, politics going on left, right and centre, it’s all getting abit too much. I want out! I want to be away from here. I want something new. Travelling is my escape … at least for a few days. And hopefully I’d be refreshed to last until my next trip 🙂 But besides work, it was all exciting and my first trip this year was to Sydney.

Aerial View Of AdelaideView of Adelaide from inside a plane – ISO 4000, 1/50s, f5.6 @ 24mm | D700 24-70mm

Sydney was great! Got to see my old friend Noel and Siew again, and we hung out. Cathing up on what we’ve done since my wedding day afew months back. Went out to a great restaurant and seeing more of Sydney than before. Sydney has so much more to offer and thoughts of moving to Sydney have crossed my mind. After settling into my new place, it’s hard to just leave again and not enjoy the new place at the very least for a year or two. I didn’t feel like moving everything to a new place. I wanted to just relax, be in my comfort zone for awhile and soak in the new place I have bought together with my wife.  I wanted calmness and I got it in this place. 3 days in Sydney and back again to Adelaide. But not for long … (more…)

I’ve been using Flickr for a while now, storing and sharing images with friends online. Just a couple of weeks ago I hit the limit, where it only shows the latest 200 photos I’ve uploaded. Around 180+ photos has been uploaded in my account and it gave me a friendly notice that I’m nearly there. That’s pretty good considering it’s a great and free service. But I didn’t want to be  limited to 200. So … I’ve upgraded my account to PRO with Flickr and the limit has been taken off! 🙂 Yipee!!

The link to my Photography site on Flickr is here.

My Flickr site is

Hope you enjoy them!