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Wall LightISO 1600, 1/30, f2.8 at 24mm | D70 24-70mm

Wall light on one of Adelaide Streets.

I was walking back to my car one night after dinner with friends when I took this shot.


Had alot of fun! Planning my next trip already 🙂

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House

Opera House at night

Sydney Opera House at night

Hope you enjoy them.

Playground Sunset

Sunday shot – Playground Sunset

These days, I always find myself time during the sunsets for photography. Which is good of course as it’s probably the best time for photography. The light is beautiful and it magnificently lits the scene.

Henley Beach Jetty

Sunset at Henley Beach, Adelaide, South Australia

Victoria Square Fountain

Christmas time at Victoria Square, Adelaide

Torrens River

River Torrens when it was dry – at night time.