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MosaicFamily Photohoot – Click to view the set

I had alot of fun doing this. A day with a beautiful family and spending time with them. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Click on the above image to view the set.


ISO Lo1.0, 1/250s,f2.8 at 66mm | D700 24-70mm, SB-900 left of camera

She got it yesterday. She is so excited she has one now, that she can play and practice again. She missed her piano dearly and was quite eager to get back to it. Bringing her old music books out and looking at new ones. I was happy for her too that she gets to play her favourite instrument. I have great music to listen to now and look forward to listen to new ones she has or will have 🙂

I should get my guitar out again …

Had a nice and relaxing weekend. We went for a picnic (just the 2 of us) at Oakden Park – about 10mins drive from our home, to have dinner, before heading out to a friend’s place. Our quality time together from the busyness of work and other things. This was a time-out we needed. To hide ourselves away from the busy world.

ChristinaISO 200, 1/80s, 50mm at f3.5

She let me have this portrait shot of her before she turned away to avoid my camera.


Army BootISO 1000, 1/6s, f2.8 at 24mm | D70 24-70mm

This friend of mine is in the Army Reserve while studying for his Medical Science. They get him training pretty hard too! But he is enjoying what he is doing, and seems happier with the ways thing turn out. He was brave doing what he did – changing career and going back to study from a well paid job. Good on him for making the change!

Thinking …

Posted: September 22, 2009 in Photography
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Thinking ...ISO 200, 1/50, f2.8 at 28mm | D70 24-70mm

She’s thinking at Border’s book store. Wondering where all her favourite story books are … (they were moved :))

Reading at a park

We decided to head out to a park to enjoy our afternoon. She decided to read, while I walked around taking pictures. I photographed her while she was reading and not knowing I was behind her 🙂

Trees - B&W

B&W of a park near by