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MosaicFamily Photohoot – Click to view the set

I had alot of fun doing this. A day with a beautiful family and spending time with them. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Click on the above image to view the set.


dISO 200, 1/100s, f2.8 @ 70mm | D700 24-70mm

It’s a been awhile since I’ve posted something. Been having too much fun doing my photo a day that I rarely have enough time to write. Though I keep forgeting that whenever I post something up on flickr I can post it here straight away too! But anyway …

Thank you to all that return here to see updates and reading my entries. I’m going to try to keep you up to date with images here 🙂

Another great dining restaurant to be in. This time it’s at the Riverside Restaurant, inside Intercontinental Hotel. Food was fantastic – entrees, mains and desserts were delicious! We had to pull ourselves away from the banquet.

Sorry I can’t remember the names for these dishes. It has been a while since I’ve had them. But do go and try them 🙂

Caramel Cup and Ice-creamSettings unknown | iPhone 3GS


A shady pathway Composition of 3 images, ISO 200, 24mm at f2.8 | D70 24-70mm

A shady pathway at a park on South Terrace.

We had a practice walk here with our good friend’s 2 year old daughter to see if she can be our flower girl for our wedding. She was great with her role and was really cute doing it. Smiling as she walked down as throwing leaves up on her side.

It was Christina’s birthday and a great friend reminded me of a restaurant to bring her to. One that she recommended and would certainly go back again. “Oooh yeah … !” I thought to myself. I rang the number of the restaurant straight after I have spoken to my friend and made a booking for 2 🙂 Yes … romantic dinner, fine dining, wine and great food (as I’ve been told). I knew she’ll enjoy it, or shall I say we’ll enjoy it. What a fantastic idea! Glad she rang me to remind me.

As I walked into the restaurant, a warm, beautiful, peaceful mood blanketed over us. Wow! This place sure looks nice. Plenty of space between tables – so we have privacy. Our waitress was very kind and took us to our seats, prepare our glass of water and gave us a warm smile. We took in the surroundings and relaxe.d. It was fantastic so far!

After looking through our menu, we decided what we wanted. Our lovely waitress saw us ready to place our order and came soon after.


What I ordered.


KaiISO 200, 1/400s, 40mm at f2.8 | D70 24-70mm

IvyISO 200, 1/1250s, 70mm at f2.8 |D70 24-70mm

Been taking alot of portraits lately. Which is great cos it’s one area I love to be in and enjoy the company of people. It’s something special to capture the heart and soul of a person. An image can tell a million words about a person and express who they are, like no other means can. It captures them at a point in time, where it shows what they are feeling and the mood they’re in.  There’s a story behind every photo …

ChristinaISO 200, 1/1250s, 24mm at f2.8 | D70 24-70mm

After a friend’s wedding ceremony today, outside our house for a little photo shoot.

Christina's ShoesISO 200, 1/250s, 50mm at f1.8 | D70 50mm

Her shoes that she wore today for our friend’s wedding ceremony

Had a nice and relaxing weekend. We went for a picnic (just the 2 of us) at Oakden Park – about 10mins drive from our home, to have dinner, before heading out to a friend’s place. Our quality time together from the busyness of work and other things. This was a time-out we needed. To hide ourselves away from the busy world.

ChristinaISO 200, 1/80s, 50mm at f3.5

She let me have this portrait shot of her before she turned away to avoid my camera.


GuitarISO 800, 1/30s, 32mm at f2.8 | D70 24-70mm

Something I haven’t played for a while. I played it alot when I was in high school and was in a band every year. I miss playing it and being in a band.


Thorndon Park LakeComposite of 3 images

Had our picnic at Thorndon Park on Sunday with a few close friends next to this lake. It was a great day for it and the weather was beautiful. It was cloudy, but it made the picture all the worth while taking as it gives the blue sky some white fluffy patches.

I had a great weekend as yesterday was a public holiday for us. So it was a 3 day weekend for me 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend too!