ISO 200, 1/40s, f2.8 @ 50mm | D700 24-70mm

Ever gone through a day without it ? …

Sometimes I wonder where it has all gone. After spending a month holidaying overseas, it seems it has gone quickly. And day 3 at work, I’m already thinking of my next holiday. Though looking at the first quarter of the year, I can see afew long weekends – Australia day, Easter, Anzac Day. Woo hoo! Work is good and interesting, but I still like my holidays. And look forward to those upcoming ones.

Since coming back to Adelaide, it has been great settling back in. Catching up with all my friends and seeing them again has been wonderful. I missed them while I was away. Quite afew things have changed. Good changes. And afew good news aswell!! Which I am and still am thrilled to hear and know. Now getting back to my routines and my weekly meet ups with them will be just great. I just like to have a few weeks of ‘normal’ after a while of travelling and doing new things. I love doing all of that. But I also like abit of calm 🙂

Right … I should get back to work. Look forward to 5pm 😛


Mid ValleyISO 200, 1/10s, f13 @ 18mm | D70 18-70mm

Mid Valley Shopping Centre during Christmas at one of the atriums. The four atriums were decorated with Christmas decorations and each with different themes.

Today, is the last day of my holiday in Kuala Lumpur. That means it’s the end of my holiday, or near the end, and that means I will be back at work soon. Back to reality 🙂  This past month I have been enjoying my time off very much. I haven’t had such a long holiday and not worry about work, house, what house work to finish next and so on. Living in my brother-in-law’s place here has got me to forget everything back in Adelaide for a while and just enjoy myself, with family and friends here. Now that I have to start packing my stuff to get ready for my flight tonight, I’m beginning to miss the family and friends I have and have met here. It was wonderful seeing them again after not seeing my friends for a long time. I miss the time where we just hang out back in Adelaide and had a great time and lots of laughs together. Since their uni days, all of us have gone about our own ways and we only hope we can meet each other again when we are in the same city. Read the rest of this entry »

Right! I need to remind you guys that when I say I’ll post more pictures tomorrow, I meant when I’m available to blog next. My time on a computer while I’m on holidays is a little scarce as I’m either out and about, gone shopping or making most of my time travelling to another town to see what they are like. So I promise I will blog again when I get to a computer 🙂 So now is another time slot I get to blog. So more photos of the places I’ve been too. Hehe ..

The next 2 photos were taken at a place called Ipoh, north of Kuala Lumpur. We went to visit my Uncle & Auntie there and also Ipoh’s eateries were very well known to Malaysians to be the best. I wasn’t disappointed at all. The food was glorious and every corner we went to, or when Uncle and Auntie took us, there were bound to have eateries that were well known to have the best sort of food they specialise in. Dumplings, desserts, coffees (they are different to Australia’s), drinks, etc. I’ve never eaten so much in my life. It was just food galore! I’ve never been so full. These were food that I can’t get back in Australia. I was making the most of it. Read the rest of this entry »

ISO 200, 1/160s, f13 at 18mm | D70 18-70mm

I’m holidaying at the moment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We went to Putrajaya to see the area and Dad told me there are some spots for good photographs. When we reached there, my goodness, the buildings there were grand and beautiful. Interesting shapes and heights.

I snapped this one of the Federal Court of Malaysia. They were waiting for me in the car (which is the middle car in the 3 you see in the image) while I rushed out to photograph. I have more to show, but as it is 1.40am now, I thought I’d better go to sleep. I will post again tomorrow the rest of the pictures I had. I thought this is worth showing first to start a series of posts, of my holiday in Kuala Lumpur.

Another great dining restaurant to be in. This time it’s at the Riverside Restaurant, inside Intercontinental Hotel. Food was fantastic – entrees, mains and desserts were delicious! We had to pull ourselves away from the banquet.

Sorry I can’t remember the names for these dishes. It has been a while since I’ve had them. But do go and try them 🙂

Caramel Cup and Ice-creamSettings unknown | iPhone 3GS

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ISO 200, 1/80s, 50mm at f1.8 | D70 50mm

This morning I had this idea of shooting a portriat of myself with a movie theme. District 9 came to mind with the whole aliens thing co-existing with humans on earth. I did this to have abit of fun doing up the alien eye and have it on me. Was wondering what it would look like. Read the rest of this entry »

A shady pathway Composition of 3 images, ISO 200, 24mm at f2.8 | D70 24-70mm

A shady pathway at a park on South Terrace.

We had a practice walk here with our good friend’s 2 year old daughter to see if she can be our flower girl for our wedding. She was great with her role and was really cute doing it. Smiling as she walked down as throwing leaves up on her side.

One of the many white sandy paths that take you to the beach. This place has been renovated and it’s beautiful walking on this part of the coast of South Australia.

Grange JettyComposed from 3 shots, 18mm at f13 | D70 18-70mm

Grange Jetty at sunset. I wanted to take a photo of this jetty last Saturday but I didn’t have time. Had to be off somewhere. So I took it on Tuesday, but then it was cloudy.

I’m going back there again today to have another shot at it. Today is a warm, sunny and fine day. No clouds what so ever. So sunset should be nice. Should be interesting to see what it’ll look like compared to this one.

It was Christina’s birthday and a great friend reminded me of a restaurant to bring her to. One that she recommended and would certainly go back again. “Oooh yeah … !” I thought to myself. I rang the number of the restaurant straight after I have spoken to my friend and made a booking for 2 🙂 Yes … romantic dinner, fine dining, wine and great food (as I’ve been told). I knew she’ll enjoy it, or shall I say we’ll enjoy it. What a fantastic idea! Glad she rang me to remind me.

As I walked into the restaurant, a warm, beautiful, peaceful mood blanketed over us. Wow! This place sure looks nice. Plenty of space between tables – so we have privacy. Our waitress was very kind and took us to our seats, prepare our glass of water and gave us a warm smile. We took in the surroundings and relaxe.d. It was fantastic so far!

After looking through our menu, we decided what we wanted. Our lovely waitress saw us ready to place our order and came soon after.


What I ordered.

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