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ISO Lo1.0, 1/250s,f2.8 at 66mm | D700 24-70mm, SB-900 left of camera

She got it yesterday. She is so excited she has one now, that she can play and practice again. She missed her piano dearly and was quite eager to get back to it. Bringing her old music books out and looking at new ones. I was happy for her too that she gets to play her favourite instrument. I have great music to listen to now and look forward to listen to new ones she has or will have 🙂

I should get my guitar out again …


ISO 200, 1/40s, f2.8 @ 50mm | D700 24-70mm

Ever gone through a day without it ? …

Sometimes I wonder where it has all gone. After spending a month holidaying overseas, it seems it has gone quickly. And day 3 at work, I’m already thinking of my next holiday. Though looking at the first quarter of the year, I can see afew long weekends – Australia day, Easter, Anzac Day. Woo hoo! Work is good and interesting, but I still like my holidays. And look forward to those upcoming ones.

Since coming back to Adelaide, it has been great settling back in. Catching up with all my friends and seeing them again has been wonderful. I missed them while I was away. Quite afew things have changed. Good changes. And afew good news aswell!! Which I am and still am thrilled to hear and know. Now getting back to my routines and my weekly meet ups with them will be just great. I just like to have a few weeks of ‘normal’ after a while of travelling and doing new things. I love doing all of that. But I also like abit of calm 🙂

Right … I should get back to work. Look forward to 5pm 😛