Last Day at KL

Posted: December 28, 2009 in Photography, Travelling
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Mid ValleyISO 200, 1/10s, f13 @ 18mm | D70 18-70mm

Mid Valley Shopping Centre during Christmas at one of the atriums. The four atriums were decorated with Christmas decorations and each with different themes.

Today, is the last day of my holiday in Kuala Lumpur. That means it’s the end of my holiday, or near the end, and that means I will be back at work soon. Back to reality 🙂  This past month I have been enjoying my time off very much. I haven’t had such a long holiday and not worry about work, house, what house work to finish next and so on. Living in my brother-in-law’s place here has got me to forget everything back in Adelaide for a while and just enjoy myself, with family and friends here. Now that I have to start packing my stuff to get ready for my flight tonight, I’m beginning to miss the family and friends I have and have met here. It was wonderful seeing them again after not seeing my friends for a long time. I miss the time where we just hang out back in Adelaide and had a great time and lots of laughs together. Since their uni days, all of us have gone about our own ways and we only hope we can meet each other again when we are in the same city.

Then my Mother, Father, Brother and Sister in law. I will miss them the most. Having stayed with them here  in KL for a month, we have all bonded together like one big family. They have taken me in like one of their own and it’s a wonderful feeling to be in a family. My parents have already taken her into the family and now I know how it feels being in her shoes here. I know she misses them greatly. Being away from her parents since college days and only get to see them when they visit Adelaide, or when she goes to KL, to see them and her brother. It seems every time when she and I see them, they look older and more fragile. And it’s hard to part yourself away from families and I know she will find it very hard – having to do again and again every time she visits, and she wishes we were all together in one place. I can only comfort her, and hopefully be her pillar of strength when she needs me to be.

While spending our time here, she brought me to her old school and college – letting me see where she had been, where she grew up, attended schools, attended college, her rented places, her favourite places, her favourite eateries and her struggles and victories. All the places and stories that made her today and after hearing them, I appreciate her alot more. She had gone through struggles that I haven’t, she been and experienced places that I never would have gone to and all that has made the remarkable person she is today. And I think I have alot to learn from her. She is a wonderful person that has gone through many life experiences, and now she and I can go through it together. She doesn’t have to go through it alone 🙂 I won’t let her go through it alone …

Now that it’s only a few hours to board the plane, I better finish all the packing. Although I miss family, friends and everything here, I look forward to going back to my home. My Home Sweet Home. It’s where she and I have built our home and lives together. It’s where we call home now. It’s where we have many close friends aswell, that we miss while we’re here. I look forward to see them when I get back. And I look forward to the good times we always have when we’re together. Although my world maybe in two places, I cherish the time spending in those places all the time. So for now, these are my blog entries in Kuala Lumpur. The next time I make an entry will be back in good old Adelaide. Have a save holiday and Have a Great New Year!!


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