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ISO 200, 1/80s, 50mm at f1.8 | D70 50mm

This morning I had this idea of shooting a portriat of myself with a movie theme. District 9 came to mind with the whole aliens thing co-existing with humans on earth. I did this to have abit of fun doing up the alien eye and have it on me. Was wondering what it would look like. (more…)


A shady pathway Composition of 3 images, ISO 200, 24mm at f2.8 | D70 24-70mm

A shady pathway at a park on South Terrace.

We had a practice walk here with our good friend’s 2 year old daughter to see if she can be our flower girl for our wedding. She was great with her role and was really cute doing it. Smiling as she walked down as throwing leaves up on her side.

One of the many white sandy paths that take you to the beach. This place has been renovated and it’s beautiful walking on this part of the coast of South Australia.

Grange JettyComposed from 3 shots, 18mm at f13 | D70 18-70mm

Grange Jetty at sunset. I wanted to take a photo of this jetty last Saturday but I didn’t have time. Had to be off somewhere. So I took it on Tuesday, but then it was cloudy.

I’m going back there again today to have another shot at it. Today is a warm, sunny and fine day. No clouds what so ever. So sunset should be nice. Should be interesting to see what it’ll look like compared to this one.

It was Christina’s birthday and a great friend reminded me of a restaurant to bring her to. One that she recommended and would certainly go back again. “Oooh yeah … !” I thought to myself. I rang the number of the restaurant straight after I have spoken to my friend and made a booking for 2 🙂 Yes … romantic dinner, fine dining, wine and great food (as I’ve been told). I knew she’ll enjoy it, or shall I say we’ll enjoy it. What a fantastic idea! Glad she rang me to remind me.

As I walked into the restaurant, a warm, beautiful, peaceful mood blanketed over us. Wow! This place sure looks nice. Plenty of space between tables – so we have privacy. Our waitress was very kind and took us to our seats, prepare our glass of water and gave us a warm smile. We took in the surroundings and relaxe.d. It was fantastic so far!

After looking through our menu, we decided what we wanted. Our lovely waitress saw us ready to place our order and came soon after.


What I ordered.