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Fondant Flower (2 of 2)ISO 200, 1/320, f2.8 at 56mm | D70 24-70mm

These roses are made from fondant (icing sugar). My mum’s friend made it from her course she is going at the moment, learning how to make wedding cakes. Beautifully crafted.

ScooterISO 200, 1/1000, f3.5 at 70mm | D70 24-70mm

I thought this scooter looked kinda cool on the side of this street.

Hope you’re having a great week! 🙂


Wall LightISO 1600, 1/30, f2.8 at 24mm | D70 24-70mm

Wall light on one of Adelaide Streets.

I was walking back to my car one night after dinner with friends when I took this shot.

Thinking …

Posted: September 22, 2009 in Photography
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Thinking ...ISO 200, 1/50, f2.8 at 28mm | D70 24-70mm

She’s thinking at Border’s book store. Wondering where all her favourite story books are … (they were moved :))

Communication ISO 200, 1/400, f2.8 at 70mm | D70 24-70mm

This is something I can almost live without. It’s how I communicate with the outside world, with friends, families and my lovely soon to be wife.  Though this is not my phone in the photo, I have one of my own that I use everyday.

Gee I sound like I’m addicted to my phone …Oh no! 😀

Had alot of fun! Planning my next trip already 🙂

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House

Opera House at night

Sydney Opera House at night

Hope you enjoy them.

Pastry wrapped Chicken, stuffed with Mushroom sauce

Yup! I was spoiled. A close friend invited me and afew others to dinner tonight and had a great treat. She cooked gourmet dinner for everyone and baked a cake, for dessert. It’s 12.10am now, and dinner finished at 8.30pm. I’m still full!



Yup! It’s my brother’s motorbike. Beautiful looking bike and it goes pretty fast too! I’m more into fast cars. He’s more into … well, anything fast on 2 wheels 🙂

Got a pic of your ride? Post your link below …

Reading at a park

We decided to head out to a park to enjoy our afternoon. She decided to read, while I walked around taking pictures. I photographed her while she was reading and not knowing I was behind her 🙂